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Don’t Get Burned: Why DIY Sunscreen Is Not Safe

DIY-Sunscreen-DangersDIY Sunscreen may seem like a good idea because (in theory) it reduces exposure to toxic chemicals and is fairly economical.

Despite good intentions, DIY sunblock and sunscreens are volatile, unreliable and can actually increase your risk of sunburn!

Since more and more people are going to their kitchens (rather than stores) for their skincare needs, this trend has sparked an endless array of DIY skincare recipes online.

Some are good, but some are bad and downright dangerous—and DIY sunscreens definitely fall into the latter category.

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Honey Bees Are Suffering and Why You Should Give a Damn

I always thought it was extreme that vegans were against the use of honey because I honestly didn’t think making honey was cruel to bees. I would say to myself, “How do honey bees suffer? Making honey is a natural thing they do anyway. What’s cruel about that?” After some research what I found out about honey production — and the way it’s […]


Review: Natural, Organic Skincare Products We Love from the UK

Always on-point and finally on-trend, natural and organic skincare is the ideal thing to use year round no matter where you live. Choosing formulas that work regardless of the season is a great way to keep your beauty routine consistent, and it’s easier on the wallet too! As a green-minded makeup artist I’ve been experimenting to find […]

air conditioning can make you fat

Does This Air Conditioning Make My Butt Look Big??

Your body, and maybe even your butt, are suffering the consequences of over-cooling with air conditioning — something nature didn’t intend. Your metabolism is your own personal heating and cooling system. It revs things up when temperatures drop and cools things down when the mercury rises. Nature made it this way. The Chilling Facts of […]


Organic Skincare, Makeup and Beauty Treatments in Portland, OR

The trend towards organic beauty treatments has been growing steadily over the last decade. I believe it is being fueled not just from consumer demand, but also by the professionals who are becoming more educated about how natural botanicals play a crucial role in the health of their clients’ skin and bodies. When naturally focused day spas […]


Organic Hair Color: An Alternative To Toxic Dyes That Won’t Fry Your Hair

Ingredients in regular hair dye have long been associated with the chemical sensitivities, allergies, and skin disorders. Traditional hair color contains toxic ingredients such as ammonia, which is the smelly culprit for dry, brittle hair. It’s inconclusive whether or not hair dye will cause cancer. However, known carcinogens (AKA cancer-causing ingredients) such as coal tar are among […]


12 Summer Face Care Tips For Glowing Skin

The most common problem I see in skin during summertime is dehydration. Even oily skin types can become dehydrated, since the problem is a lack of water moisture, not oil. When the summer sun has started to coax out the skin-baring dresses, skirts, and tank tops, finding respite at a nearby body of water becomes […]