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Organic Hair Color: An Alternative To Toxic Dyes That Won’t Fry Your Hair

organic-hair-color-salonIngredients in regular hair dye have long been associated with the chemical sensitivities, allergies, and skin disorders. Traditional hair color contains toxic ingredients such as ammonia, which is the smelly culprit for dry, brittle hair.

It’s inconclusive whether or not hair dye will cause cancer. However, known carcinogens (AKA cancer-causing ingredients) such as coal tar are among the toxins I don’t want anywhere near my scalp.

For years I chose not to color my hair because of potential health concerns.

I never liked the look of henna, a popular natural hair coloring alternative, because of its highly limited color options that wouldn’t allow my hair to go lighter, just darker or more red.

Then I found an awesome, safer option that would give me the highlights I longed for.

In this video, you will see how amazing the results are — with what I think may be the one of the healthiest and most eco-friendly hair lightening process available today.

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