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When It’s OK To Quit A Dream. Why I’m Giving Up On Mine.

Its-ok-to-quitI declare right here and now that it’s OK to quit!

Almost no one talks about how quitting can be the best and bravest choice to put ourselves on the path to greater happiness.

The prolific onslaught of motivational quotes telling you to “never give up” are valuable when you need a reminder to stay focused on your end game, but where are the quotes about when it’s time to give up, pack it up and move on?

Quit smoking.  Good for you!
Quit your dream.  Unacceptable.

People will come up with a hundred cliches to tell you to keep going -even if it’s not in your best interest – but how can anyone know what’s right for you?

Does anyone have a measuring stick with a point on it that says, “You achieved success. You can stop now guilt-free. Game over.”?

I didn’t get one of those, so if you have one let me know. I’d love to borrow it sometime.

Somehow we have it ingrained in us that it is downright virtuous to trudge up the mountain side and walk through fire over and over again for the great glory of having “made it”.

If you’ve been stomping the same path of following your dream for so long, that it has turned into a drudgery of yuckiness, it might be time to reassess some things — I’m just sayin’.

Sometimes the kindest and bravest thing you can do for yourself is to give up.

Choose to stop the merry-go-round, so you can move on to something that gets you jumping out of bed in the morning and inspires you to go forward and expand.

It’s scary to acknowledge when your old dream no longer feels like it fits right.

I think a lot of times we go to blaming ourselves that we have to try harder to make our dream happen, but what if it’s just not working? And we’re not getting the message because we’re hanging on to some fortune cookie that said, “never give up.”

So I realized it’s time to quit a dream I’ve been keeping alive for 10 years: I’m letting go of a being a full-time a makeup artist and am leaving New York City.

Let me explain why… [Read More…]


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