Celebrity Beth Behr’s All-Natural Red Carpet Makeup Look Revealed

Beth Behrs Live DressOn the heels of Hurricane Sandy, I escaped New York City this fall and headed to the sunny, palm tree lined vistas of Los Angeles where I joined the Live Dress team as their makeup artist. Our job was to transform Beth Behrs, from the hit TV show 2 Broke Girls, from a sunny, girl-next-door to a sophisticated knockout ready to hit the red carpet. Of course, I used my most favorite natural makeup products and can’t wait to share with you what they were. 

It may actually surprise you to know that I did the entire look in under 15 minutes (there are witnesses to prove it). Celebs usually have tight schedules and just like when you get ready in the morning, they often have to get out the door in a hurry. This is why I always tell clients who come to me for makeup lessons that with the right products, a good understanding of your face and having great techniques to rely on, it is totally possible to look gorgeous without spending a ton of time

Watch the video below to see her full transformation, then continue reading to find out exactly which natural, organic and healthy cosmetics I used to achieve this stunning look for Beth. 

To Get Beth Behr’s Look

In the video interview I talk about the importance of not letting makeup overwhelm and hide you, rather letting you shine through by balancing a bold feature (like these red lips) with a more natural feel for the rest of the face. 

Kristen Arnett for live dress

lt Starts with Glowing Skin

To complement Beth’s creamy skin tone, I used RMS Beauty‘s “Un” Cover-Up #11, Living Luminizer and Cream Eyeshadow in Seduce (used as a contour for the cheeks), adding beautiful highlights and shadows on Beth’s delicate bone structure to play up her natural beauty. 

RMS Luminizer

A Statement-Making Red Mouth

To blend the perfect color for Beth’s red carpet dress, I dipped into a my makeup bag for a deep, cool-toned red lipstick from Dr.Hauschka Lipstick (#06) Fortissimo (which means “really strong” in Italian).

Then I topped it all off with a very sheer layer of Revolution Organics Lip Gloss in the color Freedom to add some luminosity, without overwhelming shine. The lip is so bold that too much shine would have looked a bit tacky in this case. 

Revolution Organics Freedom Lip Gloss

It may seem as if I’m oversimplifying the process, but apart from a bit of mascara and boost in brow color, that’s really all there is to tell about her makeup. 

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Beth is used to having her makeup done almost daily, and was very surprised when she saw the incredible results of how the all-natural makeup turned out. She was so completely impressed at how everything felt weightless, made her skin appear luminous, and was kind to her sensitive face, that she went straight out and bought everything I’d suggested from Evolue Beauty (a natural beauty store in Beverly Hills that I love), which happened to be around the corner from our shoot location.  

Beth Behrs behind the scene

All in all, we really had a great time on set that day. The Live Dress team was full of positive energy, Beth was a total sweetheart, and as effervescent as she seems on TV. Alissia Marciano, the celebrity stylist, was a particular joy to work with, too. I’d like to say a big thanks to the crew and staff who made this one awesome day! It’s so great to work with people who not only respect your work, but get excited about the “green thing” once they’ve seen it in action.

Kristen Arnett

Kristen Arnett

Founder & Editor-in-Chief of Green Beauty Team, Kristen Arnett has been immersed in the world of beauty for over 15 years, with roles ranging from product development to a career as an international makeup artist. She uses only the best in natural, organic, green makeup and skincare for her high-profile fashion and celebrity clientele.

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    She looked beautiful. I love the colors you used. I’m running low in my illuminizer, I will have to now give RMS a try. You’ve sold me on it :)


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