“Me Encanta” Revealed (Video Tutorial)

Me-Encanta-Alima-Pure-Makeup-ChicWhen one of my favorite natural makeup brands, Alima Pure, asked me to be their first-ever guest makeup artist to design a color collection for them, I was utterly honored. Now I get to reveal the gorgeous holiday color collection I’ve been keeping under wraps for many months!

It was important to me that this collection, Me Encanta, meant something more than just picking pretty colors. I wanted to speak to the inherent power and beauty of women. Makeup is a way for a woman to decorate herself by bringing out the features and qualities she most wishes to communicate in the moment.

Of all places, I found inspiration from flamenco. The more I learned about the history and practice of this dance, the more I realized THIS was the woman I wanted to showcase. The beauty of her dance is not about perfection; it’s about her story.

She is a multi-faceted woman who chooses to appear demure and delicate, or strong and powerful…or all of it simultaneously. Whichever side she is allowing to be seen, she owns herself completely. She shows herself not by baring it all, but by expressing it all.

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So I designed a collection with just four colors to be used as softly or as boldly as the moment calls for.

 “Me Encanta” can be translated to mean, “it sings to me.” That is what I hope you feel when you pick up a brush to apply these gorgeous powders. Each shade is intended to complement a variety of skin tones and eye colors. (I’ve been testing them out already on various photo shoots with amazing results.) 

Introducing the Colors


Flamenco Limited Edition Eyeshadow

Flamenco is the star of the collection and makes every eye color pop! It’s a deep navy eyeshadow, with sophisticated glimmer that adds just enough cobalt blue to keep it from looking too harsh. Just like a woman, it’s bold, yet soft –shimmer that catches the light contrasts against the darkness to create texture and interest.

Sombra Contour Powder

This is an incredibly versatile shade to bring out natural contours to shape the face, and create definition. I’ve been using it on almost every photo shoot as of late because it works on skin tones from light to medium dark. “Sombra” means “shadow” in Spanish, and that’s exactly what this was meant to be. Build the color up layer by layer; it goes on quite pigmented so don’t be deceived by its appearance. 

Pink Satin Matte Blush

This blush is soft with just enough color to suggest the petals of a fragrant flower, or the flush of cheeks that are pink from exuberant dancing. It works on skin tones from light to medium dark.

Baila Nourishing Lip Tint

Baila” means “dance,” and this hue, with a hint of Spanish Rose red, subtly underscores the drama of the dance. Anyone can look amazing wearing this.

The “Chic” Tutorial

Now that I’ve got you all excited about these fabulous shades, let’s talk about how to use them! To prove the variety these four shades can offer, I created two totally different looks with them and videos to guide you. The first and most subtle one is called “Chic”. It’s the elegant, delicate, and softly defined way to use the collection. 

When you are feeling like a lighter touch is just enough, this is the perfect way to enhance your features. As you’ll see in the video tutorial, it’s not a lot of work to create a beautiful result.

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Quick recap of the steps shown for the Chic Look:

  1. Use Flamenco Eyeshadow with Brush #31 to create a tight line just along the top lashes.
  2. Apply Sombra Contour Powder with #37 Eye Blending Brush starting in the center of the eyelid crease and fanning back and forth (without dragging downward).
  3. Define the cheekbones using Sombra and the Half Moon Brush in the hollows of the cheeks.
  4. Softly sweep Pink Satin Matte Blush using the #17 Blush Brush in a large, circular motion across the apples of the cheeks.
  5. Coat the lashes with Black Natural Definition Mascara. Start at root and sweep upwards to open the eye.
  6. Finally, slick on the Baila Nourishing Lip Tint, and you are done!

From now until January, you can purchase the Me Encanta Limited Edition Collection, which also includes a Black Natural Definition Mascara!

Want to make your life even easier? Use the right makeup brushes! Get all of the ones I used in a custom, limited edition set.

Can’t wait to hear about all the dances you dance and how you wear the Me Encanta Collection!

Kristen Arnett

Kristen Arnett

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