Chasing Beauty: Tips for Loving What Mother Nature Gave You

Enjoyment - free happy woman enjoying sunsetAll artificially imposed notions of beauty naturally make women feel less attractive. Women begin to feel as if they are miles away from the impossible standards given to them by the media. Should we enhance our natural beauty? Absolutely! However, we seem to be destroying, not enhancing, it.

We will experience different kinds of beauty from the time we are born through our teens, our 20s, 40s and so on. A 60-year-old woman will never look like she’s 25, and that’s okay. If she learns to harness her inner goddess, she will exude beauty’s glow. Can’t we just accept that beauty changes?

Many women are constantly ‘chasing beauty’ instead of nurturing the beauty they were born with.

We can see the reaction to this everywhere we look. Most notably in the rising number of cosmetic and plastic surgery procedures. Hollywood is becoming increasingly self-conscious to the point that even young celebrities like Megan Fox and Kim Kardashian have that “injected” look; their true beauty now partly damaged. We have drifted so far from the idea of enhancing our natural beauty to having an almost comical version where people look like caricatures of themselves.

Fake tans, fake eye color, illnesses born out of hating one’s body, swollen lips and faces to match. Not only are there dangers associated with plastic and cosmetic procedures, but the results look phony and unpleasant — making me wonder why we do this to ourselves?

Psychology plays a big role in the why. For a book I’m currently writing, I examine why society is straying from natural forms of beauty toward manipulated and manufactured “characters.”

True beauty is natural beauty. We really should be doing more to nourish and protect our natural resources instead of trying to take imaginary shortcuts. Beauty is organically within all of us. 

Ways to support sustainable & healthy self-beauty

* Accept your natural beauty. Identify what is uniquely yours whether it is almond-shaped eyes, full thighs, or big luscious lips (different cultures, different features). Learn to work with and accentuate it!

* Lifestyle & grooming are important. Things like haircuts, proper hygiene, mani/pedis, waxing, regular facials, vitamins/supplements, sleep, exercise, healthy diet, drinking in moderation, and not smoking go a long way in making you look hot!

* Learn to use makeup. It can actually protect our skin and enhance our natural beauty when used in moderation. Stop by your favorite makeup store during non-peak hours and let them know you want to try out a few looks and learn how to use some basic products like primer, concealer, bronzer, and highlighters which really do wonders for contouring your face.

>> >>Book a session with Green Beauty Team‘s founder, celebrity makeup artist Kristen Arnett, who can show you which natural products work best and guide you on how to use them so you feel confident every day!

* Hairstyles and fashion can also enhance our natural beauty. Certain cuts work better on particular face shapes, just like certain clothing flatters different body types.

* Take care of your skin. Don’t just slather anything on it. Your focus should be ingredient-driven, just as you would examine the ingredients on your food labels, look for ingredients that will nourish and protect your skin (and hair). Review some of our other articles for inspiration!

* Make YOU a priority. Make beauty time a private and relaxing event. Once a week take two hours to yourself — no phone, no computer, no company. Give yourself a mask, massage your face and body with a nourishing balm, and tell yourself you’re beautiful just the way you are.

Soon you will be radiating a sense of health, well being and self-love that no one can take away from you!

Caterina Marra-Vazquez

Caterina Marra-Vazquez

Caterina is a NYS certified and licensed esthetician as well as a medical esthetician. She began her career in skincare studying ingredients within a product development role. After advancing into medical esthetics, she pursued a holistic approach learning how to incorporate Ayurvedic healing elements. Caterina is a skincare trainer and consultant who teaches her techniques on achieving healthy skin to estheticians, spa owners and retail partners.

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  1. says

    Hi Caterina!
    I really love this article so much. I couldn’t agree with you more about how fake and unnatural women look when they do these unnatural procedures to themselves. They don’t look younger, they just look very unnatural, almost monstrous at times.
    I turned 50 this year, and for the last few years I have been grappling with getting older. I am finally beginning to accept that this life: we must take care of ourselves, and then we will look and feel our best at the various stages of life. A 50 year old cannot look 20 or 30, and that is a ridiculous expectation: it just doesn’t work that way! But our beauty emanates from within, and we have to “embrace our face” and know who we are, and then we will feel beautiful, at any age.
    Thank you for your insightful message: we don’t hear enough of these important reminders to accept nature and not fight it, and you wrote about it with great sensitivity and wisdom.
    Yours truly,
    Fran Ameri

  2. Cara says

    How true this is! I modeled for 15 years and my husband was a fashion photographer, apart from the surgeries and unhealthy habits to attain perfection we can’t forget all the retouching that goes on, especially these days with photoshop, it only take a moment to slim someone’s waist or get rid of blemishes.
    We have to remind our daughters and sons that what we see in the media are unhealthy unattainable images of women. Nothing is sexier to me than beautiful glowing skin and hair!
    Thanks for the reminder!

  3. says


    Thank you so much for writing this thought provoking article. It is the absolute truth and one that I have also been trying to share with so many women who struggle with skin care issues. A deeper examination on what causes the ‘skin care issue’ is what is needed in our society. I feel that this goes hand in hand with the topic you are bringing up because true beauty is really TRUE HEALTH. Once a healthy body is achieved, your skin, your energy and general appearance will shine and radiant with the beauty that is inherent in all of us. Thank you for paving the path and for empowering women. The minute we claim our power back from the slick advertising and marketing campaigns we will be a better position to listen to our intuition and make rational choices based on knowledge, not our insecurities. Keep up your great work! Yours truly, Trish XO

  4. Caterina Marra-VazquezCaterina Marra-Vazquez says

    Hi Ladies:
    Love the comments- glad your enjoying the article. I began feeling this way a few years ago and with the increasing number of “INJECTED” faces walking around I just cant take it anymore- someone has to tell them- “Honey, that just DOESNT look good!” They don’t look younger by injected juvederm, they look older and injected.
    Nature made us beautiful- its time for women to be confident enough to re-claim that natural beauty- as the hip hop saying goes- “Work with what your mamma gave you!”

  5. says

    Thanks, Caterina for writing! This is a big subject for a lot of women. I was lucky to change my life-style in my late 20th and I don’t have any wrinkles in my late 30th. But my older fiends always tell me that I will run to surgery as soon as I start getting it. But I can’t agree more with you on danger of surgeries and really hope I won’t get vain as I age. I am not an expert by any means, but also would like to share my beauty tips:

    Best Regards,


  6. Pascale says

    Yes, a very insightful and inspiring message. I agree. Take stock in what is ours. My grandmother used to say “what is yours is yours”. Recognize and embrace our natural beauty and find ways to nurture this priceless gift of time.
    Thank you Caterina. I look forward to reading more….

  7. maria says

    Thanks to Caterina for this inspiring message. This is good insight and a wake up call to what is truly important to consider as we age.

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