GMO-Free Bento Box Lunches for Kids

Making lunchtime enticing through the art of healthy bento box lunches offers a fun and enviable way for your kids to fend off the temptation of teal blue yogurt with sprinkles. You already know that putting the right foods into your kids’ bellies is essential for helping them grow to become healthy, vibrant, disease-free adults and we like to offer you more ways to do that. 

Over the recent years genetically modified foods (GMO’s) have become a huge topic in health-driven media and for good reason—all signs and research point to the detrimental health effects of these mutated foods. For more information on the health and planetary impacts of genetically modified foods, visit the archives of

Of course, the influence from other children in school, who come with artificially-loaded lunches, can be tempting for your well-fed kids. Pre-made box lunches are popular with busy parents, but they include ingredients which are both harmful and lacking in quality nutrition. Plus all that disposable plastic these pre-fab boxes are made of adds to the waste problems on the planet.    

Eco-conscious parents are taking matters into their own hands to ensure their kids are getting truly healthy food, and doing it with enough creativity to keep them excited about their lunches. One brilliant solution I saw jump across my Facebook newsfeed was a picture of a bento box lunch, pictured above, made by my friend Morayma who declared it took five minutes to make and was GMO-free.  

What’s a Bento Box?

Japanese mothers have taken pride in creating elaborate bento box lunches for many years. They send their kids off to school with meticulously styled food that are miniature works of art. In a less elaborate instances, a basic bento lunch consists of a variety of food items in separate compartments contained in one box.

Morayma’s Americanized version (the first photo at the top of the article) is whimsical, healthy and realistically doable. Immediately I asked her if I could share this on Green Beauty Team for other parents looking to do the same thing. Of course being a fabulous friend, she agreed to write it all out just for all of you!

The makings of  a GMO-FREE Bento Box Lunch

All of the Bento supplies are from Amazon and Ebay. ;)In this little particular lunch we have:

  • Almond butter and jam sandwich (organic spelt bread, organic unsalted almondbutter, organic, low sugar raspberry jam) shaped with a dove cookie cutter
  • Organic hardboiled egg (shaped like a bunny head using a Japanese egg mold)
  • Homegrown sugar snap peas, cherry tomatoes, and store bought organic baby carrots
  • Non-organic (but also non-GMO) garlic hummus in the little container next to the sandwich
  • Organic blueberry skewer and organic strawberries
  • Non-organic baked BBQ chips from Trader Joe’s (no GMO’s and all natural flavors)

Everything except for the bread was purchased at Trader Joe’s. The peas and tomatoes are from our garden. The bread is from Whole Foods. 

I make these lunches for my kids every day now and it helped A LOT when they were coming up asking for Lunchables that all their friends had. Since doing bento boxes, they have much cuter and more fun lunches and now their friends want what they have! The Japanese really do know how to make food fun! 

The world of bento lunches is an amazing one. In it you are only limited by your imagination and time constraints. For other inspiring bento box lunch ideas just do a google search. You’ll be amazed at what comes up!

About Our Guest Contributor:

Morayma is a mom, model, freelance writer and foodie living in Los Angeles.  Upon becoming a mom,  she quickly became aware of the dangers of GMOs, pesticides, and toxins in the foods and hygiene products on the market catering to kids.  In an effort to keep her kids as healthy and safe as possible, Morayma makes sure that her family eats an almost 100% organic, GMO-free diet and buys local as often as she can.  She prides herself in giving her family a more holistic relationship with food -one that she took on while living in Europe during her pre-mommy modeling years.


Feature photo by Morayma. Artwork created by Kristen Arnett.

Kristen Arnett

Kristen Arnett

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