Best in Shave: Top 5 Tips for a Perfect Shave

man shaving with razorHere’s how every man can get the best shave of his life according to Green Beauty Team Expert Joshua Barrett. Some of these tips may surprise you! 

1. Ingrown Hairs

Ditch the fancy razors! If you have sensitive skin or are prone to ingrown hairs, it’s probably the razor that you’re using rather than your shaving cream. Four-, five-, six-bladed razors all give you the appearance of a super close shave, but what they are actually doing is cutting the hair below the skin’s surface. When your whiskers start poking their way back to the surface, they are getting stuck underneath the skin in a curling pattern, resulting in ingrown hairs. There are plenty of two-bladed razors on the market that give a close shave. Give this a shot for a couple weeks and you will definitely see the difference.

2. Razor Rash

Do you get post-shave irritation or a rash after shaving? Try changing your routine. A lot of you like to shave in the shower, but all the heat and steam opens up your pores, drawing blood to the surface of your dermis, which can cause redness and irritation. Try a cold water shave instead.  

It’s also better to use a shaving lotion, instead of shaving cream. Lotion provides more glide and will make the cold water routine more comfortable. Try Eufora Hero Exceptional Shave, this stuff is great!

3.  Going in the Right Direction

One of the worst things you can do when shaving is to go against the natural growth pattern of your beard. Notice the direction your hair grows and follow that path. There’s no need to keep going over the same area more than a couple times. Using a shaving lotion or oil will help you see better using this technique.

4.  Keep It Wet

DON’T ever dry shave! When you’re in a hurry it may be tempting to grab a blade and give yourself a quick shave. The aftermath will not be pretty! You’ll end up looking like a teenager full of nicks and abrasions with toilet paper pieces all over your face. Not a good look for a guy with a man’s beard. At the very least, splash some warm water for those quick touch-ups on the fly.

5.  What’s It Made of?  

Checking the ingredients of your shaving products are important to get the best results. Ultimately what you put on your skin BEFORE the razor hits your face is what matters the most in achieving the perfect shave. Look for soothing, natural infusions of aloe, sweet almond oil, peppermint oil, jojoba, coconut oil, olive oil and lavender.  

savon dubois shave set

Another amazing shaving product that I discovered is made from goat’s milk!

Homme DuBois’ Slip and Glide Shave and Body Puck is fantastic. It’s 100 percent natural, handmade and very reasonably priced. Use it in their Barnswallow Pottery Shave Mug and Brush set, for a rich lather your skin is sure to love.

After many years of shaving my own face, through a lot of trial and error, these are my five best tips for achieving the best shave possible.  

Joshua Barrett

Joshua Barrett

An internationally renowned, celebrity hair stylist and makeup artist. He has also worked on the business side of the industry for several high-profile beauty brands. Along with his 20+ years of experience in beauty, Joshua brings with him a commitment to sharing a philosophy based on green beauty and wellness.

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  1. Catherine says

    Great tips! Here’s another from Marie, “The best way to treat ingrown hairs is by keeping hair follicles clear of debris and softening skin prior to shaving. Apply Treatment Oil, prior to shaving to make skin soft and supple, and after shaving because the salicylic acid helps keep pores clear of dead skin cells and congestive build -up. In addition the tea tree, curcuma and lavender oils kill bacteria and inhibit inflammation.”

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