New Year’s Realizations and Happy Birthday to Green Beauty Team!

Happy new year 2013Rather than discuss resolutions for the new year, I’d rather talk about realizations.

Realizations come in moments of enlightenment that forever change the way you look at life, and those which can profoundly impact your future.  

Resolutions are typically promises we make about becoming better people in various ways. Then we hope to have enough willpower to see them through. For most people this doesn’t last too long, and one little stumble means that resolution goes out the window and it’s back to their old ways. 

belief and desire

I subscribe to the notion that it’s our belief system which affects our behavior and ultimately our success.  

Simply put, if you want to have a better life you don’t need more willpower. You need a good enough reason.  

Why being green is a realization, not a resolution

Years ago I met May Lindstrom on set where she was the model and I was the makeup artist. A pretty standard scenario, yet she was the one who planted the seed of green in me. May’s reason for being a hardcore naturalist was because she had to be. Her skin is hostile toward most synthetic chemicals. This model, who stopped to smell the fresh rain on moss, had intrigued me. 

May Lindstrom smelling moss

That day, even as I slathered her in makeup which irritated her skin, she was gentle in the way she presented the idea that makeup could be bad for you.

After our conversation and a bit more research, I, too, was convinced that using less toxic makeup was the way to go … but at the time I was living in Milan, Italy. I had about $30,000 worth of makeup sitting in my kit that didn’t fit in with this new realization that beauty shouldn’t come at the cost of health.

It wasn’t as if one could just go order a “green makeup kit” online and instantly trade out all of the standard makeup artists’ tried-and-true products for more natural and comparable versions. Ha! That would have been amazing. Instead I had to do the research, and go through clunky methods of trial-and-error to find natural products that would live up to the demands of my job. At the time I could only find advice online from bloggers who had no professional beauty credentials.  

The more I learned, the more I wanted to share this knowledge with every woman. That’s when I realized as a makeup expert, I could give women better information about brands and cosmetics that really worked in the natural realm.

Realizations born out of a desire to create positive change, inspire actions we may have never considered possible before. When we follow that calling we become change-makers and our actions spill over into the world in unpredictably, magnificent ways. 

I desperately wanted to have one place women could go to and find truly expert advice that covered the gamut in beauty.

Then another realization hit me: I didn’t know everything. So I invited my friends who were experts in holistic living and beauty to join me in creating Green Beauty Team. 

The realizations have turned into reality

Green Beauty Team launched just two years ago (Happy Birthday to us!) and it has been an incredible journey! Juggling a full-time career as a makeup artist, and many new roles including being an editor-in-chief, a web mistress, social media maven, graphic designer, marketer, video director/editor, and writer has been more work than I ever expected. 

It would be MUCH easier to practice my craft as a makeup artist by walking the path which is already paved; the one where I can play Follow the Leader. Being green in the fashion world bucks the system. Being a rebel with a cause takes a strong commitment to keep the momentum going. 

Two years later, the profound realization that this labor of love is a real movement impacting lives around the world, finally hit.  

Kristen Arnett 2012

I am filled with gratitude for the incredible people who have contributed to this movement. Green Beauty Team’s Experts have dedicated their time and knowledge helping sustain a site brimming with freely distributed, trustworthy advice.

We are also grateful for YOU.  Without you, my dear friend reading these words, there is no movement to a healthier, more sustainable world of beauty. 

So in this new year, may you be filled with the inspiration to seek out new realizations for your own Self. May you be inspired to give back to those people or organizations to which you are most grateful. May you be propelled forward into your fullest potential.

Wishing you a 2013 filled with health, love, joy, prosperity and, of course, beauty!  
– xo Kristen Arnett

Kristen Arnett

Kristen Arnett

Founder & Editor-in-Chief of Green Beauty Team, Kristen Arnett has been immersed in the world of beauty for over 15 years, with roles ranging from product development to a career as an international makeup artist. She uses only the best in natural, organic, green makeup and skincare for her high-profile fashion and celebrity clientele.

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    I really love this article you have written. It is really, really well written…and not the usual gobble-dee-gook about New Year’s resolutions and making promises to your self that are usually unattainable to make overnight. I find it really inspiring, and I have to say that I so agree with your philosophy about achieving your goals not as a matter of will-power, but having a reason big enough to spark your desire to pull you forwards towards something different and positive in your life. Ben detto, profondo….grazie! Fran

    • Green Beauty Team says

      Fran! Thank you so much for the beautiful comment and support of this slightly new angle. It’s wonderful to know my philosophy has touched you too. Un buon anno nuovo a te!

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