Caterina Marra-Vazquez, L.E. Specialized Skin Care Consultant & Trainer

Caterina is a NYS certified and licensed esthetician as well as a medical esthetician.  She began her career in skincare studying ingredients within a product development role for a prominent brand.  She later studied skin histology with medical greats such as Dr. Pugliese, as well as Ayurvedic healing with Dr. Pratima Raichur.   She has worked as an educator and consultant, traveling across the U.S. teaching in-depth techniques and knowledge to estheticians and spa owners.  Caterina’s focus was and always will be healthy skin.

Since joining as an Expert for Green Beauty Team Caterina has written some incredible articles on natural ways to care for skin.  We wanted you to know her a little more intimately past her impressive clinical expertise. 

Who is your real-life beauty inspiration?

My mother.  That may sound cliché, but seriously my mom is not only beautiful, she also upholds her beauty well. 

Growing up, my peers were dependant on advertising for solving issues that came up for them with their hair, skin, and beauty health in general.  Whereas with me, my mom knew what to do instinctively.  She knew for example that chamomile can cure a nervous stomach and lighten hair naturally, or that heated olive oil can relieve an earache and soothe a dry scalp.  She taught me the importance of a proper nighttime regimen for maintaining my skin’s health.  I remember my mom would put olive oil and eggs in our hair and sitting my sisters and I in the sun. The eggs made our hair shiny and strong, and the olive oil nourished the strands. 

As I see the American culture turning towards more ‘green’ solutions, I realize that I already had these solutions my entire life; it was the way I was raised.  You conserve what you can, and try to preserve the natural beauty you were given.

Who is your celebrity beauty inspiration?

I crush on natural beauties like Valeria Golino, Lisa Ray (Canadian/Indian actor) and Christie Turlington.  These women get better with age. 

I am very against the “injected look” and as a skin care professional; I try to persuade my clients to stay away from cosmetic procedures. Skin health is so important to overall beauty.  You can’t inject and torture your skin and expect it to look healthy.  If you take proper care of yourself, you can reach 50 and 60 years old and still be stunning.

What conventional beauty product would you like remade green?

I would love to see an incredible “green” sunscreen that is able to be absorbed into the skin to create a continuous barrier of protection!  Right now natural sunscreens only protect the skin while it is sitting on it acting as a physical protector.  

Chemical sunscreens work because they are absorbed into the skin and continue to be effective even after they have been “wiped” off.  However we are finding out that those chemicals aren’t great for our health even if they do protect from burns.

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