Our Story

How Green Beauty Team Came to Be

by founder Kristen Arnett

Being a professional makeup artist, whether I’m on a photo set or chatting at a dinner party, women of every age are curious to know, “what will make me look my best?”.

Once I started using natural products in my work and on myself, I was surprised at how many women said they wanted to change over their products to more natural versions too, but couldn’t find any expert information about what really worked and what didn’t.

Models, actresses, musicians and average women alike shared they were tired of comprising their health, but needed trustworthy guidance transitioning their bathroom cabinets into toxin-free zones.

Continuing to be barraged with questions about makeup, skin care, hair care and even nutrition, I wanted there to be one place to send everyone for accurate and helpful information, written by experts about choosing the best in Green Beauty.  So I created it!

Green Beauty Team is curated website with information-rich content written by of various professionals who are experts in their fields.  Each one of our Experts, and guest contributors, is passionately holistic and interested in making a positive difference.

It is our hope that you will come back again and again to read and interact with us about what inspires you too!

Thank you for supporting a healthier movement towards beauty — and welcome to the Team!!

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